MEA Sept 2017 cover- ALUPCO

12 MEA MARKETS / September 2017 , Art Vert is a company specialized in the creation and design of landscaping architecture in Morocco. We invited CEOMustapha Arnaout to talk to us about the company and discuss winning this award. Best Landscape Design Company 2017 - Morocco Established in 1989, Art Vert is one of the pioneers of landscaping in Morocco. Its clients are mostly in the public domain but some are also in the private domain. The company works with its clients every step of the way, from conception of the project through to the design stage and then the realization of the project. Mustapha describes to us how it feels to win this award and outlines the key attributes that contributed to this success. He then goes on to talk about the firm’s overall mission and how staff all work together in order to achieve this aim. “The reasons behind the success of Art Vert is that I have always trusted myself and possess a positive minded, and am an active team member in my company. Every award is deserved by the team and it just adds to the experiences and values that have been collected throughout the firm’s lifespan. “When I started Art Vert, it was very small, with only a car. I have proudly watched the company develop through time, as back then the sector was still new in Morocco and this pushed me to work harder and believe in my team. Staff work in a very organized manner with precise deadlines to follow, which in turn helps to offer the best quality and services.” Trying to distinguish itself from similar firms in the industry, Mustapha points to his expertise, knowledge and extensive qualifications as a key factor in how he marks the company out as the best possible option for clients. The firm uses technology to ensure that it stays ahead of emerging developments. “Overall, when growing up I was very well educated and obtained a Bachelors and Master’s degree in very renowned schools in Europe, mostly in France. Also, my knowledge and expertise has helped me to become a perfectionist and deliver the best for my clients. “At the company, we keep an eye on many different trends and results. For example, the creativity realization and the efficiency of most products help us to develop our work around these trends. We aim to be a sustainable company, mostly by being friendly to the environment and making it greener.” Following on from this, Mustapha tells us which trends he is currently seeing within the industry. He then describes whether these are of any benefit to his company, particularly within North Africa. “Notably, there has been the development of using more vertical gardens, which has taken the levels of designing gardens to new heights, meaning we are able to provide greenery at higher altitudes. Currently, it is only present in Morocco for now, and we are the only firm that has experiences in vertical walls and the specific techniques used. “Morocco is located on the edge of North Africa on one side on the Atlantic and the other side is on the Mediterranean. This means that climates change throughout the region and we benefit from this climate, as in each region there are a variety of plants used.” Regarding the internal culture in the firm, Mustapha describes how he ensures all staff are equipped to provide the best possible service to clients. Keeping up to date with the latest technologies and providing new equipment is integral to keeping the workforce interested and motivated. He explains what he looks for when taking on a new employee or a new client. “Having the latest equipment from the screen to the realization of the project is a massive bonus for the company, plus, our culture is diversified with staff members that have studied abroad and each teammember is of a different age. The clients have to believe in our professionalism and expertise in the market and for the staff for stand out they must always stay positive and bring more innovation and creativity into the company.” Looking ahead, Mustapha gives us an insight into the future of the firm and tells us about some upcoming plans he has for Art Vert. He is aiming for the company to be more efficient and innovative, keeping the company and moving forward and capitalising on its success. “Moving forward, Art Vert plans to open an interior architecture department, since my children will be joining me at the firm and will lead this company. Having an architecture and landscaping section means we will try to diversify our projects and be present in all domains. Also, I know the future generation will lead this company with the competence and professionalism that I have.” Company: Art Vert Contact: Mustapha Arnaout Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 265 Boulevard Zerktouni, 25000 Casablanaca, Morocco Phone: 00 212533393940 Website: NOA17001