MEA Sept 2017 cover- Six Construct

8 MEA MARKETS / September 2017 , Six Construct, a subsidiary of the BESIX Group, is the largest Belgian construction company operating in theMiddle East. We recently invitedManaging Director of Six Construct, Dubai, UAE, Pierre Sironval to tell us more about this extraordinary company. Multi-Services Company Since inception in 1965, Six Construct over the years has grown steadily and most certainly impressively ever since. Six Construct combines the efforts of a highly skilled workforce, along with strategic planning and innovative use of technology to overcome the most complex business challenges. The company is a multi-services company that operates in the construction of commercial and residential buildings, sport and leisure facilities, industrial, infrastructure, civil and marine- related projects. Six Construct has built-up a unique portfolio, as Pierre explains. “Over the years, we have had the honour of working with a unique portfolio of projects and clients, including among others, the world’s tallest tower - The Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Tram, The Emirates Palace Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Dubai Water Canal, The Green Planet, Ferrari World Theme Park, LEGOLAND, The Khalifa Stadium, and King Abdullah Sports City in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “Ongoing projects include: The Royal Atlantis, Yas Theme Park, Bahrain LNG Terminal, among others. Six Construct was also recently awarded Mina Khalid Port in Sharjah as well as the new Masdar Neighbourhood.” The construction industry in the Middle East is facing a slowdown undoubtedly, however when providing an overview of the sector, Pierre points out that the company can see different trends in different parts of the region. “In the UAE, Dubai is driving the construction industry. It is difficult for me to give an overview of the entire construction industry as we are operating in niche markets, such as specialised marine works, iconic buildings, sewage treatment plants, theme parks, etc. Each category of project has its own industry, so it is very ambitious to give you an overview of all these specific industries.” When undertaking a new project or working with a new client, Pierre informs us of the steps Six Construct take to ensure that their clients receive the best possible outcome. Pierre also informs us of the company’s overall mission and what techniques they employ to stay ahead of emerging developments. “The only thing we focus on is the client. They need to receive the best possible outcome and we are making sure that we understand their needs. It is especially fundamental for design and build projects and it is of paramount importance that we are aligned with the client and consultants, in order to provide full satisfaction. 1705ME09