MEA Sept 2017 cover- Six Construct

20 MEA MARKETS / September 2017 , Lacasa Architects & Engineering Consultants (LACASA) is an award-winning multidisciplinary Architectural firmbased in Dubai, with offices across the region. As winner of the UAE Business of the Year 2017 accolade, we took the opportunity to interview LACASA’s Managing Partner, Emad Jaber to find out more about the firm’s work in the UAE region. The Construction Industry in the Middle East Lacasa Architects & Engineering Consultants (LACASA) was founded in 2006, by Emad Jaber an industry veteran and Nabil Al Khaja. What sets the firm a part is its focus on quality as well as cultivating talent. LACASA provides a one- stop-solution to ensure optimal coordination and to maintain the same level of quality across all aspects of design. During the past six months, the firm has added interior design and infrastructure services to its growing portfolio of offerings. Emad Jaber reveals more about the firm’s work and how they approach client service. “To date LACASA has worked on over 300 projects in the region and maintains strong relationships with the major developers including DAMAC, Dubai Properties and Emirates Islamic Bank. Thanks to a talented team of over 300 designers, architects and engineers, the firm undertakes residential, commercial, hospitality, mixed-use, public and master planning projects. “LACASA believes that the best approach to client servicing is to be an advisor, rather than just an architectural consult. We work with the client team to ensure that the project is feasible, efficient and profitable. Additionally, we believe that quality and the integration of disciplines add value to the client’s investment. By offering holistic design solutions under one roof, we can provide the client with the same level of proficiency and quality throughout. Our established internal processes, governed by ISO certified practices ensures that we maintain a high level of quality throughout every step of the project. “Managed by a certified project manager, every project begins with the basic space planning, area schedules and moves on the concept stage. The exterior and facades are then designed to reflect both the client’s vision, as well as the cultural aspects of the location. The concept is then passed on the design development department where our structural, MEP and technical managers detail the design and prepare the plans for construction. The firm’s work doesn’t end there, as our on-site team manages the construction process to ensure on-time completion, budget adherence and that quality of the building matches that of the design.” Emad then directs our attention to the wider industry issues in the region and the benefits of being based in the UAE region. “The country has recovered well in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Construction has once again reached new levels of innovation. The industry in the Middle East is currently doing well in some aspects and fortunately in the markets we operate, they are very stable; specifically, the Gulf region where the real estate sector is playing a major role in the economy of the markets. As an architectural firm, we are taking advantage of this good market. The challenge in the industry is depending on the security and political stability which we luckily have. “Being based in the UAE has provided us with a lot of ground to experiment with different design approaches and technologies. The best advantage would be the 1708ME02 international expertise available. Being a hub to an array of cultures and design visions, the UAE is the best classroom there is. Inspiration is all around. Additionally, the multicultural environment allows to source and recruit extraordinary and diverse talent, right in the city.” Emad is keen to tell us next, what the UAE Business of the Year 2017 Award means to him and his colleagues. “We are honoured to have one this award, as it is testament to the effectiveness of the firm’s internal project processes as well as the quality of our work. By being selected by an international awarding body, we know that our work has met multinational standards. This does not mean that the firm will maintain the same level of quality, as we will continue to strive to exceed these standards. “The management believes in investing in talent. We have developed several professional development programmes to ensure that the team is equipped with the latest technical skills and managerial attributes.”