MEA June 2017

MEAMARKETS / JUNE 2017 19 Jotun Powder Coatings UAE Llc Address: Al Quoz Ind Area 3, Dubai. P O Box 51033 Phone +971 4 3472515 Fax +971 43472815 Email [email protected] Website: Painting the Town Successful g other countries and with different cultural backgrounds on a daily basis, based on our formal and informal structure. Development is also key, therefore Jotun has extensive development programmes (Jotun Academies) at all levels to make sure that people are trained to do their job and to develop people at all levels.” This strong internal culture will form the backbone of the firm’s future success, as will its various social and client focused process, as Deepak proudly concludes. “Moving forward, to guide us in the right direction Jotun has a common set of values; loyalty, care, respect and boldness, and our corporate culture is strong and has been a major success factor in Jotun’s history. Jotun places a lot of resources, time and effort to nourish and develop the values and the corporate culture. “To further help us to reach our goals, Jotun has a set of core processes implemented across the company, linked to among others, HR and recruitment, competence development, R&D and Innovation, technical expertise, operational development, HSE, follow up tools, corporate responsibility and sustainability. We are excited to implement these over the coming months and years and look forward to the opportunities they will bring us.”