Kuwait Enterprise Awards 2017

MEAMARKETS / Kuwait Awards 2017 7 , Gemini specializes in delivering visual multimedia internationally renowned entertainment, incorporating the most advanced technologies to produce a variety of events. We invited Faisal Amir to tell us more about the success of the company. Best Event Production Company 2017 & Innovation Award for 360 Inflatable Projection Dome Venues 2017 Formerly based in the UK, Gemini is without doubt one of the most recognizable faces in the events industry. The firm is an internationally renowned entertainment, multimedia designer and producer specializing in delivering customized turnkey solutions for world class events, incorporating the most advanced technologies to produce events ranging from an intimate Gala Dinner to some of the most spectacular multimedia installations around the world. Faisal outlines the range of services the firm offers and how all staff are well equipped to meet the demands of clients, embracing the motto developed by the company. “By embracing a broad spectrum of technologies, at Gemini we ensure that our staff are up to speed to provide the best possible services for all our clients, with more than 30 years of combined creative talents in the entertainment industry we push the limits and think out of the box when translating ideas and concepts into reality. Faisal is keen to point out the vast experience the company boasts within the events industry and how the firm has been able to use this experience to develop unique and innovative solutions and products. “Gemini are the founders and co-owners of the largest stock of one-of-a-kind proprietary 360 inflatable Projection Dome venues in the world. I am very proud of our achievements and our standing in the events industry. Our firm continues to produce unique innovative events, setting benchmarks and raising standards for corporate theme related and immersive installations worldwide.” “With our vast experience in managing new media technologies and event entertainment concepts, we have been around the world interfacing with every culture, integrating today’s digital and entertainment technologies into high impact spectacular artistic expressions onto a multitude of large scale environments.” Looking ahead, Faisal tells us about an upcoming project for the company which he is clearly very excited about, as it should prove fruitful for Gemini and the events industry in the future. “Ultimately, we have a roll out plan for expansion to serve clients and the events industry better. I am delighted to announce our new operation named Monsta which has been tailored for the delivery of unique LED and AV services for the region. It is scheduled to become operational on 1st September 2017.” Contact: Faisal Amir Position: Founder | CEO Contact Email: [email protected] Contact Number: 00965 66661123 Web Page: www.geminiworldwidellc.com KU170003

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