Dubai Enterprise Awards 2017

8 MEA MARKETS / Dubai Enterprise Awards 2017 , Beauty Contact is a licensee, distributor, agent, consultant, master distributor, producer and service provider for luxury goods. We invited founder, Alwyn Stephen to tell us more about the company and the secrets behind its success. Best New Niche Perfume Design 2017- Pierre Precieuse Parfum Established in 2002 Beauty Contact was created with a global vision to provide the very best, most innovative perfumes in the industry. With professionals in management, finance, sales/ marketing, operations, quality control, production, design and development, Beauty Contact can provide a turnkey solution for anyone who is interested in a private label project or for those who want to pursue their dream of entering into the world of fragrances. Alwyn tells us how it feels to have won the award and how the company plans to build on its success, highlighting how important it is to deliver great customer service. “It feels great to be recognized for hard work, determination and my motto of never giving up no matter what. Beauty Contact believes in delivering the best to the customer and giving them value for money, based on this we work on good quality perfumes and price them correctly so that the customer gets value for the money they pay.” Enticing the best clients and business is essential to be successful, as such, Alwyn outlines what differentiates the firm from its competitors and what marks the company out as the best possible option for clients. The firm also uses technology to ensure it is staying ahead of emerging developments within the industry, something Alwyn is keen to point out. “Never standing still, we always innovate and come up with new designs, concepts, fragrances and we spend a lot on R&D to achieve the best and by doing all this we ensure our cost of goods is kept low so that the end consumer does not have to pay a lot more to get a good product. “Most of our work is done by designers who use the best technology available to come up with the right designs that convert to physical products” Within the industry there are currently a lot of notable trends, Alwyn talks to us about the developments specific to Dubai, noticing that the trend currently is to go niche. Following on from this, he then details the specific benefits of being based in Dubai, mentioning the airports and sea ports, enabling the shipping of goods a lot easier. “Currently, we see a lot of new products in the market and the trend is to go niche, Dubai in particular is the window to launch new lines and a lot of houses are launching niche lines as customers are looking for exclusive products that they do not find in every store.” “Dubai is the best place in the world when it comes to live and do business, having been here for over 32 years, this is home for me and my business. We have the best sea and air ports in the world and with this it makes it a lot easier to ship goods worldwide.” Reaching the firms goals means that all staff must be equipped to provide the best possible service to clients. For this to happen, the team at Beauty Contact must all be pulling in the same direction. Alwyn outlines how employees are kept happy, as well as listing what the company looks for with regard to both staff and clients. “At Beauty Contact, we believe in encouraging our staff to be independent and give them all the tools they need in order to succeed. By giving them responsibility and delegation they ensure the best service and in return they are rewarded. Winning an award is not an individual effort, it is a group effort and the award belongs to everyone. We expect the best from our staff in terms of loyalty, hard work and delivery which in return gets us the right clients who will also be loyal to Contact: Alwyn Stephen President and CEO Beauty Contact, Inc. Contact Email: [email protected] [email protected] Website: our brands and bring us repeat business.” Lastly, Alwyn comments on what the future has in store for Beauty Contact. He describes how staff will continue to work even harder to be innovative, create better products and build on the firm’s already outstanding reputation. “Going forward the future has a lot for us, and we are going to strive even harder to bring out better designs, better juices and new lines that will bring us recognition and at the same time not only bring in new customers but keep our existing clients as well.” DU170001