Dubai Enterprise Awards 2017

12 MEA MARKETS / Dubai Enterprise Awards 2017 , Led by Chairman Salah Al Belawi, SABHolding is a leading innovator and entrepreneurial company respected throughout theMiddle East. We profiled the firm to discover more about the secrets behind its success. Best Full-Service Media Agency 2017 Since its formation in 1990, SAB Holding have led the investment, and development, of new services across the real estate, construction, communications, media, logistics, and distribution sectors. Operating a well-funded Group, the firm successfully leverages its Group assets and has built a strong reputation with leading international businesses as their partner in the region. We operate to change the dynamics of markets, to innovate and to bring new world class services to the region. Business excellence, creativity and innovation creating market defining services are our driving force. We are the investment partner of choice for International brands in the region and a catalyst for new entrepreneurs looking for capital and business expertise to develop their ideas. We are proud to be working with leading International advisors including Intel Capital, Booze Allen Hamilton and Ernest and Young. SAB, a global business, headquartered in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has offices throughout the Middle East, as well as London, Hong Kong and New York. The purpose is to improve the lives of stakeholders through the delivery of exceptional products and services and a focus on customer excellence. We create and executive innovative market defining services that challenge conventions. The team at SAB Holding are experienced international leaders who work with the world’s best partners to deliver the world’s best services throughout the region. SAB is a dynamic media presence in the Middle East. Through its unique partnership with News International it is the publisher of the world famous Times and Sunday Times in the region. Arreyadi is the leader of Sports coverage in Saudi Arabia and this is the newspaper of choice for sports fans. SAB leads the development of new media, including innovations in 3D animation production for TV including eight major series for Egypt TV. With an eye on the future we continue to investment in new Internet and Digital channel development to meet the growing needs of the regions entertainment and information hungry youth audience. Our media agencies IMS and Mr H operate to support these businesses with Media Sales and creative development. The world is changing at increasing technological rate. The old ways of doing things have been replaced, libraries and books with search and readers. Within the world, you need is a powerful connection to this new digital world. SAB Communications is that connection. With over decades if experience and a 100 expert staff across the region, the firm knows what works in new communications and how to deliver the ultimate products and solutions to drive business success. Operating across the whole region, the firm offers local and global companies the opportunity to create new profitable solutions across the digital world. The firm works with clients who are the best in the world and they are dedicated to ensuring that they receive the best service possible. With regard to the property market, SAB operates as a developer, real estate and facilities management and retail construction experts throughout the Property sector in the region. Part of the firm’s services also includes its luxury design departments. SAB Luxury is a creative design and development organisation with a fusion of Italian fashion and technology with delivery made in Italy as its slogan for all its products and services. The firm prides itself for drawing on centuries of Italian craftsmanship and design and DU170006 now provides clients locally with a talented workforce from the heart of the fashion industry. The company is always looking back regarding inspiration, as its core business practices and philosophy is to strive to create extraordinary designs which will enhance your brand in the marketplace. SAB has successfully created successful retail destinations in the telecommunications, electronics, luxury furniture and travel sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The firm’s success is built on Innovative In-Store experiences and luxury product selection from around the globe. Its medical department provides a range of solutions to practitioners and patients from Healthcare facilities to the sales of medical hardware and health information systems. Its two operating areas SAB Biomed and SAB Health ensure that the staff are at the leading edge of care provision for the region. Within SAB Holdings, there is also a department focused solely on investment opportunity, strategy and growth. This area focuses on market defining business innovation and delivering a world class service. The investment group boasts a wealth of experience in business, capital investment and a wealth of understanding