Dubai Enterprise Awards 2017

10 MEA MARKETS / Dubai Enterprise Awards 2017 , DU170003 AdrianHayes is a record-breaking adventurer, author, speaker, business coach, TV presenter and campaigner. We invited Adrian to tell us about his experiences and what he thinks makes him so enticing to clients. Business Coach of the Year 2017 Summitting Everest and K2, trekking for two months to both the North and South Poles and gaining two Guinness World records in the process stands Adrian Hayes out in many ways. As a professional business coach, another is his speaking, coaching and consultancy work, in which he delivers speeches, seminars and programmes worldwide to multinationals and other companies on leadership development, team coaching and executive coaching. Adrian informs us of his overall mission, his key work and his upcoming goals. “Fundamentally, our slogan is ‘People, Planet, Profit and Potential’. My mission – which incorporates this and links across my entire portfolio or expeditions, speaking, people programmes and campaigning – is to awaken and transform consciousness in the world. Only by an evolving mindset and awareness can we hope to overcome the enormous challenges we face, as well as to maximise the potential, performance and results, both personally, in our families, our communities, companies, countries and the world.” In the business coaching industry, it is important for Adrian to mark himself out as the best possible option for new and existing clients. He tells us exactly what it is that differentiates himself from its competitors. “As a business coach, I offer a gimmick free, hands-on, action orientated approach to leadership, team and personal development, using concepts, models, mantras, psychology, philosophy, tools and techniques that I have simply used myself to achieve my record-breaking successes. We all have our own Everest’s to climb.” Discussing the trends he currently sees in the industry, Adrian clearly believes that corporate businesses could do a lot more to enhance team performance. Not able to rely on teambuilding days once a year anymore, the business world must adapt and realise that team development is a process that creates nurturing high performing teams, according to Adrian. “Many corporations have had adequate, sometimes excellent even, leadership or personal development programmes in place. However, compared to sports or expedition teams, the corporate world’s approach to team development is disappointing – 99% relying on a once-a-year fun based ‘teambuilding day’ in the flawed belief that this will create great teams. Whilst these are excellent run days that are important to bring in, to rely on them alone to create a high performing team is naïve. The business world is slowly beginning to realise that team development is an ongoing process and that the benefits – and return on the bottom-line – in creating and nurturing high performing teams is considerable.” Adrian outlines the main benefits of being based in Dubai, as well as discussing how his work takes him all over the world. The attitude of people in Dubai is something Adrian is keen to point out, as well as the benefits of so many major companies being based in the area. “Despite having a base and residence in Dubai for many years, I am away much of the time working in Europe, Asia or the Americas these days, as well as being in my London base, however I still work out of the UAE about 3-4 months a year. Aside from the can-do attitude, the ease of doing business in the city and the presence of so many major companies, the communications hub (and Emirates Airline) is the best in the world.” Ultimately, Adrian Hayes has a bright future ahead as he notifies us of some upcoming developments which will ensure that Adrian and his team further their success. Adrian is also looking to expand his business outside of coaching, with his TV career beginning to gather some pace, along with him writing and publishing his second book. “In association with Dubai based charity, Gulf 4 Good, we are launching the ‘Adrian Hayes Himalayan Challenge’ in April 2018 this year, with an 8-day personal, leadership and team development charity trek in Bhutan. Although I have led groups on similar before, this is the first formalised programme, which we aim to run annually or bi-annually thereafter. It is open to individuals, small groups, or, if interest, an entire team of up to 20 people. The aim is to combine a people development programme with a physical challenge in a theatre as far away from the office as possible. “Additionally, 2018 will see my second book published; K2 – The Tragedy and the Triumph which details my 2013 disaster and 2014 return success on the notorious second highest mountain in the World. It is not just an adventure memoire, however, rather a compass for conquering the mountains within all of us. I hope to be launching it in the UAE at the Emirates Literary Festival in March 2018. “The TV / documentary part of my work is also gathering pace