Industry Spotlight

Xperiment Media on a film set with various actors on a soundstage with greenscreen
XperimentMedia is an innovation lab and boutique film agency based in Dubai, UAE. It specialises in story-driven films and commercials
Dubai Residential Architecture
The global pandemic has caused many industries to draw to a screeching halt, including the real estate industry. Despite this,
Pearl Polyurethane, the leading system house covering the Middle East and North Africa, has appointed a new CEO as part
Africa Globe
A host of energy development initiatives designed to increase energy access and improve livelihoods are coming online across Africa and
Henri-Claude Oyima, CEO, BGFIBank Group. On banks’ role in supporting industrial and infrastructure development in Africa.
Emirates plane
Emirates is empowering small and medium sized enterprises to get back into the skies and turn their travel budgets into
Africa power plant
The African Energy Chamber (AEC) is excited to announce the official launch of African Energy Week (AEW) 2021, taking place
Female CEO
Africa.com undertook a rigorous research project to identify not just high profile personalities, but the women who actually run the
Cape Town Sunset
The opportunities for investors to play a part in Africa’s social and economic development by providing more of its rapidly
: Ras Al Khaimah, the United Arab Emirates’ fourth largest Emirate, has announced a total investment of over £96 million
Luxury Interior Design
In recent years the Qatar skyline has undertaken a transformation with ground-breaking projects taking their place alongside traditional architecture. From
One hundred youth from 23 countries in Africa have been recognised today as the top youth leaders in conservation in