Businessmen from different backgrounds ending a successful meeting with a handshake

DUQE Free Zone Launches its Operations From Queen Elizabeth 2 in Dubai

Businessmen from different backgrounds ending a successful meeting with a handshake

In Partnership with “Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation”

  • Providing integrated support for the benefit of emerging entrepreneurs
  • Elevating Dubai’s position as a global business hub

DUQE Free Zone has announced the official start of operations at its headquarters in the historic Queen Elizabeth 2 Floating Hotel; the newest free zone in Dubai that headquartered on a floating hotel in Dubai waters for the first time.

In the presence of a group dignitaries and businessmen in the start-up companies’ sector in the United Arab Emirates, DUQE announced its partnership with the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation (PCFC), an umbrella organisation operating under the Dubai Government, in providing full integrated support for the benefit of entrepreneurs and emerging entrepreneurs from expanding their businesses, through an approach that enhances the flexibility of doing business in the United Arab Emirates. It is a step that aims to meet the increasing need for competitive and pioneering solutions for establishing companies, in light of the strong economic recovery and the continuous flow of international companies that relocate their offices and employees to Dubai.

Headquartered in Dubai, DUQE, with its dedicated experts, seeks to provide assistance beyond the stage of launching companies; to provide a wide and comprehensive range of value-added services, including bank account opening assistance, accounting, medical fitness checks, Emirates ID, health insurance, VAT registration process, as well as business center solutions.

PCFC established DUQE Free Zone to meet the growing need for competitive and leading-edge company formation solutions, as the country’s entrepreneurial sector sees unprecedented growth amidst strong economic recovery and a continuing influx of international businesses relocating to Dubai.

His Excellency Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, Chairman of PCFC, said: “The establishment of DUQE goes in line with the UAE’s vision to focus on economic growth, that aims for diversifying investment opportunities and enable community development, whilst building the infrastructure and environment needed to realise these objectives and establish Dubai and the UAE as a pivotal business hub for global trade”.

Saeed Al- Bannai, CEO of PCFC Investment, said: “We are confident that DUQE efforts will stimulate the business environment in Dubai and boost its competitiveness through adopting new initiatives designed to improve ease of doing business in the Emirate, while expanding our efforts to attract multinational companies and high-potential start-ups, which will result in elevating Dubai position as a global business hub through tapping into a wealth of growth opportunities in our promising market”.

Ghaith Al Daker, General Manager at DUQE, said: “DUQE is built to be the home of the next generation of game changers, innovators and disruptors. We have designed DUQE to be a modern business hub that provides all-inclusive support for entrepreneurs and start-ups, enabling them to source everything their business needs to thrive and succeed in one place. We have a team of carefully selected professionals who provide dedicated support through each stage of running a business, from setup and registration, all the way to operational tasks, such as book-keeping, licence and visa renewals and VAT registration. DUQE is where you can get everything done for your business to take off”.

blu Loyalty

The Customer Loyalty and Engagement Experts

blu Loyalty

blu Loyalty™ is a company that specialises in offering end-to-end customer loyalty and customer engagement solutions to all types of businesses. By using its existing platform, it helps its clients’ reach and engage with their customers in a much more effective and engaging way. This in turn helps businesses working with blu Loyalty™ to grow at a higher-than-normal rate. That makes blu Loyalty™ an invaluable partner for any kind of business or enterprise. Below, award winning CEO, Tony Gougassian shares his own experience, as well as the excellent progression of his game-changing organisation.


Recently, a plethora of organisations such as retail brands, major corporates, and banking organisations have increasingly begun to reward their customers. They all started off with a simple goal and vision in mind – that of success, recognition, and a reputation of being the best – and have now found a multitude of ways to connect with their audience as well as completely win them over. With loyalty schemes and programmes these organisations have been accelerating even quicker than before. But it isn’t so straightforward.


Loyalty programmes need to be inclusive, exciting, and compelling in order for customers to want a slice of the pie. If the loyalty scheme can provide something that customers simply cannot achieve or gain without returning time and time again, the customer is twice as likely to return for another taste. With the world as it is today, customers come and go quicker than the rise and set of the scorching sun. Acquiring new customers is time consuming, costly, and sometimes disheartening. However, blu Loyalty™ has a knack for it – it has plenty of experience, years of dedication, and deep rooted intellect at the very base of all its endeavours.


With regards to being a new business or enterprise, blu Loyalty™ wants to take the reigns and guide you so that you can experience its seasoned lessons and adopt them into the core of your organisation. With the financial climate being full of such pressure, start-ups can find it daunting and even scary when trying to locate their target audience, never mind gaining followers or customers that will stick around. But with blu Loyalty™ there’s something magic in the air – something that will enchant the consumer and make them feel truly special.


With the programmes that blu Loyalty™ offers, organisations will find it easy to gain new customers, as well as keeping them coming back for the foreseeable future. These connections cannot be replaced and they certainly can’t be broken. By staying current and by understanding data on trends, purchasing habits, and demands, blu Loyalty™ stays on track and changes with the times – with a remarkable future in the industry.


Based in Dubai, UAE, and founded in 2013, blu Loyalty™ is a fine example of a highly effective customer loyalty and customer engagement solutions supplier that provides an end-to-end comprehensive range of loyalty programmes.


Tony Gougassian, CEO of blu Loyalty™, gained much experience and expertise within the electronic payments industry. He has earned a respectable seat in the industry with his fine work in end-to-end customer engagement solutions and has become the backbone of the company. With experience working for Visa for 10 years, he built up a portfolio of aiding a large number of markets within the Gulf and Middle Eastern countries which fuelled his passion for loyalty-based market research and business-to-customer connection.


Tony had a deep vision of success that has led him on his path towards creating and leading blu Loyalty™. His tenacity and determination have resulted in a very bright future for this organisation as his first-hand knowledge propelled it from a small enterprise to the huge success that it is today.


Tony learned that to be successful in gaining and retaining customers it is of utmost importance that the customer feels heard and rewarded for returning. Understanding that this is essential, blu Loyalty™ offers its services to all businesses looking to make it in their industries. With experience watching commercial banks offering rewards for their credit card programmes, Tony quickly realised that this can be used across the board. With these highly valuable elements, blu Loyalty™ attaches value to the organisations that it works with via its suggestion of points-based programmes and cashback systems.


By using schemes such as these, customers become increasingly keener and more engaged with earning more points and cash back. Tony found that credit card companies that didn’t provide these kinds of rewards didn’t do as well in retaining their customer-base. In fact, they lost customers more regularly. These customers would eventually end up going with another credit card company or commercial bank because they were aware of the other rewards that were on offer elsewhere.


blu Loyalty™ introduces ways to meet the needs of the consumer for card issuers large and small. Beginning with a simple ‘plug and play’ loyalty programme – a comprehensive and competitive approach that would include technology applications such as a loyalty management system, customer loyalty portal, and customer loyalty mobile application alongside the loyalty value proposition – blu Loyalty™ introduces an avenue that leads towards long-lasting relationships and success for all.


From the dawn of blu Loyalty™ – to this very day – there has been a huge paradigm shift for loyalty schemes across the modern corporate ecosystem. This ‘plug and play’ programme has not only become beneficial to credit card issuers, but it has become entirely relevant, advantageous, and valuable to all businesses who would like to understand and make use of insightful data throughout consumer trends. All in all, these loyalty programmes have become increasingly more popular and have become the primary tool in the new digital age – for customer data collection and consumer engagement solutions around the globe.


Social media, digital communication, online marketing, and retailing have all led to the ability for businesses to gather invaluable insights into consumer trends and the desires of consumers. With access to this analytical data, businesses are more able to fine tune their products, plans and loyalty programmes to suit the consumer – leading to more returning customers and satisfied individuals. This is entirely crucial to the health and wellbeing of every business and blu Loyalty™ is well aware of this – which is exactly why it offers its services. By providing its clients with the means to attract and keep more customers, it has created an attractive and irresistible name for itself in the customer loyalty and engagement industry. Incomes, lifestyle, and behavioural consumer trends will always have an impact on purchasing habits as well as customer loyalty – blu Loyalty™ is no stranger to this fact. By helping businesses to gain more insight into purchasing habits and other analytics, it has the means to make a huge impact on its client.


To this date, blu Loyalty™ works within nine markets across the Middle East and Africa. It has plans to expand globally in the near future. With its widening scope of services and programmes – including gamification, customer analytics and interaction, automated marketing and engagement tools – blu Loyalty™ has much to share with its clients so that they may flourish just as much as it has.


By building such a sophisticated and intelligent global platform, blu Loyalty™ has truly embarked on a noble yet inspiring journey with no signs of slowing down. With its AI assistance – for data analytics – blu Loyalty™ has the greatest tool to truly understand the consumer. As it specialises in all things consumer related – such as loyalty programmes, customer engagement, and analytics – it is offering a service that will inevitably positively alter the trajectory of any business.


For business enquiries contact Tony Gougassian at Blu Analytics DMCC via

CEO, Tony Gougassian
City skyline at sunset with lines connecting the buildings

Big Data, Big City Transformations: Transport and Well-Being

City skyline at sunset with lines connecting the buildings

As the world changes, so do our priorities. We are now needing to place human needs before technical needs when designing urban areas for the future. Sustainability is at the heart of these considerations as we look to include green spaces, utilise big data effectively, and introduce efficient travel. Technology is central to these ideas, particularly for the use of big data in smart cities.

In today’s society, governments and leaders are given a plethora of insights and data that improve how we live. Gathering such rich and useful information about built-up areas like cities is not only efficient and relatively quick but can work towards providing the best living conditions for residents as well as the environment and other species that inhabit it.


What are smart cities?

Smart cities are a relatively new concept that use technology to gather data and insights to improve services and solve problems. Cities only account for two per cent of our planet’s total surface area. However, data from the UN reports that cities will house 68 per cent of the global population by 2050. The need for cities that can safely house a high population creates challenges like mobility issues, traffic congestion, and pollution, among many more we already face in our everyday lives.

Smart cities can help solve societal challenges we are facing from an ever-increasing human population. City data provides an in-depth and accurate look into what we need without breaching earth’s ecological boundaries.


Successful smart cities

Amsterdam was one of the first smart cities, using data to ensure the city’s roads, housing, services, and quality of life continue to improve. The city manages all this while becoming more sustainable to avoid air pollution too.

Plus, the city is making use of a unique asset to gather data – its bridges. Amsterdam has more bridges than any other city in the world at 1,800 in total. These bridges can communicate information to other infrastructures in order to optimise travel – the MX3D bridge is equipped with sensors to visualise information about traffic on bridges, the neighbourhood, environment, and its structural integrity. Maintenance will automatically be alerted when it needs work on it. It can even communicate with traffic lights to change timing to reduce congestion when it’s busy.


Efficient transport

Railways have always been key spaces within cities and maintain connectivity between neighbourhoods. Trains are the optimum mode of transport in busy cities and will continue to be in the future – for example, transport in London would be near enough impossible without the intricate underground and overground train system. With a population expected to reach around 10 billion by 2050, smart rail systems will be needed more than ever to evolve with the rapidly growing urbanisation.

In today’s world, smart trains use data for passenger information systems to inform on live news, connecting information, time tables, as well as real-time data to inform engineers of predictive maintenance to keep services running smoothly and regulate trains. Machine-to-machine communication with input from the cloud enables passengers to seek the fastest route and find out which trains are the busiest, keeping footfall smooth and reducing congestion in built-up areas.


Dubai’s new ways of travel

Dubai’s pollution is hitting high levels, risking vulnerable groups like young children, older people, pregnant mothers, and the ill. This is contributed to by the high number of personal vehicles emitting noxious pollution as well as heavy-duty vehicles.

Last year, Dubai engineered an entirely new transport system to the city, named Sky Pods.

These will travel alongside the Dubai Metro, transporting two to five people around set routes to meet their mobility targets.

Mattar Mohammed Al Tayer, the director-general and chairman of the RTA, commented: “The signing of the agreement is part of RTA’s efforts to deploy autonomous transit means in line with the Dubai Self-Driving Transport Strategy aimed at diverting 25 per cent of total mobility journeys in Dubai to autonomous transit means by 2030.”

Similarly, the city is looking for ways to cut down rush hour for commuters. The new Virgin Hyperloop took its first travellers in November last year and can travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes, transporting 10,000 passengers each hour both ways.


Integrating green spaces

Recent research suggests that while we should integrate technological features into our cities, a lot of focus needs to be shifted towards environmental sustainability.

Smart cities are also being designed for public health and well-being. Satellites can identify how much greenery exists in a city and areas to improve. This can enhance air quality and support ecosystems as well as offer pedestrians places to wind down and relax in nature. Smart parks can ensure lawns and plants are watered in response to weather changes, making plant maintenance an automated process.

These considerations are becoming increasingly important. For example, in the UK, 54,000 acres of green space were turned into artificial surfaces between 2006 and 2012, which is equivalent to an area twice as large as the city of Liverpool.


The technology involved in smart cities can not only help transportation and efficiency but improve the quality of life and emotional well-being of those who live among it.

Najahi Events

Best Motivational Event Management Agency 2021 – Middle East

Najahi Events

As the UAE becomes regarded as an internationally renowned hub of industry and growth, there is a need for people who can inspire that sense of entrepreneurship that is essential to its continued expansion. The team behind Najahi Events Organizer LLC are world leaders when it comes to personal empowerment, and they have come to the UAE because there is so much potential that hasn’t been tapped yet. We take a look to discover more following their incredible achievement in the UAE Business Awards.


In any economy, the need for continuous growth is essential, both in the world of business and in people’s personal lives too. This sort of growth is not easily taught, as it must come from the heart, and from people who have a lived experience of going through the various stages of development. There are very few industries where authenticity is such a valuable trait. Nonetheless, that is the case here.


The team behind Najahi bring that vital lived authenticity to the UAE, with experienced business leaders who have spent years not only learning how to continually develop, but how to share the knowledge of that growth with others. The vision of the firm has become far more than simply encouraging better business practices, instead championing a holistic perspective that embraces all the aspects of a person and encouraging them to become whoever they were meant to be.


When the team at Najahi first got into the business, they did so with an approach that saw business development and personal development go side-by-side. In this new growing country, it’s vital that the titans of business are not just leaders of a company, but family and civic names as well. This ensures that they are able to give back to their communities too. The UAE has a strong and proud tradition of this behaviour, and it’s one of the things that makes the region exceptional for the team to work in.


Creating a space for these important speakers to share their knowledge has been an invaluable step for many. They have found people who have transformed their own inspirational dreams into startling reality. In many ways, this reflects the impressive growth of the UAE. The team specialise in a specific blend of skills, combining personal empowerment, financial education and leadership skills to provide a stunning performance of edutainment – educating while entertaining. With clear communication, it’s little wonder that so many people from so many different backgrounds have been inspired by their timeless efforts.


The way in which these sessions are done varies, depending on the client and their needs, and the nature of the session. Najahi runs a range of different presentations, such as entertainment, community and personal transformation and youth empowerment events and programmes. These have all been carefully designed over many years to have the maximum possible impact on the audience. It’s this incredible attention to detail that has allowed the team to have such a remarkable impact on the community at large.


The final result for the team is a country that embraces the potential it has always shown – namely the ability to become a dynamic, sustainable and entrepreneurial economy. Of course, being based in the UAE means that the Najahi team are at the very cutting edge of a globalised economy as well. Since first running events in this industry, the team have been able to reach hundreds of people from across the Middle East. Their words of wisdom, built on knowledge gleamed from countries around the world, will empower them to make the real difference that they want to see in the world.


Needless to say, the mission of Najahi has remained constant over the years, with the only real changes coming from adapting to a new technological landscape. It is one thing to bring together such an extraordinary array of different speakers, but quite another to ensure they have access to the latest in interactive and entertaining learning techniques. The need to tell authentic stories is clear, and the basis of success, but constant research is being performed by the firm on the best way to communicate this information to the masses so that they might be able to thrive.


One of the clearest signs of this innovative thought process can be seen in the firm’s latest addition to its impressive line of products. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, slowing down business and limiting the possibilities both of travel and of holding large events, the Najahi team developed something entirely new. After a year of research, the result, iKew, was unveiled. This an online Video-On-Demand platform containing hundreds of hours of motivational speeches, trainings, courses and “edutainment” content from international celebrity motivators and key speakers.


For those who want to reach out to those with knowledge, and discover what they have to say about development and growth, this is an essential resource to have access to. Everyone involved is an expert in their field, and knows precisely what a client needs to do, today, to thrive and succeed in a rapidly changing world. Those who want to grow, both personally and professionally, want to learn too. iKew is a place where people are able to learn anything that they want to.


With courses from numerous different topics, there’s something for everyone on this platform, and there is no limit to where you can look or explore. Instead of having to choose a certain path from the outset, clients have access to every course for a simple monthly membership. This allows members to discover ideas and concepts that they might never have considered before, taught by some of the world’s finest educators. It goes without saying that iKew is the next big step for the Najahi team, pushing the boundaries of motivational speaking further than ever before.


That said, while iKew has the potential to be an impressive addition to the firm’s offerings, it’s in live events where the heart of the company really is. The team has committed themselves to continuing their much-appreciated live events as and when circumstances allow. That said, it’s only through the diversification of their approach that the team is able to achieve such incredible success even during these difficult times. One of the main messages of every Najahi session is to find ways of growth, and explore the opportunities that might arise from them. It’s a message that has been proven to be incredibly true throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


The UAE and Najahi fit together with ease, because both have built their reputations on a desire to grow and a desire to improve. Both have strong visions of the future, and they intertwine beautifully together. It’s little wonder that Najahi has been able to thrive in this environment, with their mission to inspire others to turn their dreams into reality, because, at its heart, that’s the main aim of the UAE too.


For business enquiries, contact Awfa Mustafa from Najahi Events Organizer LLC by email at [email protected].

Wallart Design wallpaper and standing lamp

Wonderful Wallart Secures Success

Wallart Design wallpaper and standing lamp

When people think of print, they want a solution that is not only of the highest quality, but bears the vital considerations of the environment in mind. That’s precisely what the team at Wallart Designs do. In the UAE Business Awards, the team were named Leading Experts in Large Format Printing 2021. We take a closer look at just how they did it.


Wallart Designs was established in 2019, under the careful eye of the team at Printpac ME. Having been a successful printing business since 1975, the large organization wished to give its Large Format Division a brand-new identity. This new identity – Wallart – would focus in on what customers wanted, namely a complete sustainable print solution that guaranteed the same quality to which they had become accustomed.


The team are able to offer printed designs that can make a house into a home, an office into more than just a place of work. With the ability to define yourself through graphics, there’s no end to the potential offered by the Wallart team. Their use of eco-friendly substrates powered by HP’s Latex printing technology allows them to offer something truly exceptional in the industry, pushing forward into a bold new future.


The team has printed and installed wall graphics for homes and various industries and offices as well as customized interior décors with printed wall coverings, canvases, floor graphics, and blinds. Those who have a specific image in mind for their project find willing partners in the team from Wallart. Few in the industry are able to match them when it comes to creating an environment of creativity and comfort.


The benefits of a Wallart Design can be seen across a variety of different circumstances because the team can easily adapt to serve any client at all. In retail spaces, the team’s work can allow clients to highlight their product offerings, marketing campaigns, or enhance consumer experiences while in stores. In the home, their designs can transform a property into somewhere someone can really fall in love with. Their passion is the key to their success and ensures that their product is truly second to none in the region.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team saw major demand for their work. This was because as people were at home, they were able to evaluate projects that needed undertaking. While in normal times, wallpaper might be considered a luxury, the Wallart team found themselves incredibly busy making sure that people could fulfil their desires. These projects often revolved around the use of wallpapers and canvases, custom designed by the team, to fit into specific spaces.


The team’s incredible work ethic and high-quality products have ensured not only that clients continue to return to them, but that others wish to work with them too. Wallart has a strong partnership with leading designers, including Bishop Design in the United Arab Emirates, Robin Sprong Wallpaper in South Africa and Amy Diener in the USA and Thailand.


These partnerships have inspired the team to push even harder when it comes to delivering a top-quality product. Already, the team are exploring the possibilities of purchasing new printing machines, having implemented MIS software to streamline the production process. The future of the company will see the team continuing to aim ever higher in what they achieve so that more people will come to them for assistance in the specialist world of wallpaper. It’s the secret behind the team’s incredible continuing success.


For business enquiries contact Naveed Ahmad at Wallart Designs LLC via email at [email protected] or online at

Twelve Danube Home employees on stage accepting an award

Home Furnishings Retailer of the Year 2021 – UAE Best Home Improvement Brand – UAE

Twelve Danube Home employees on stage accepting an award

Danube Home is a leading home improvement and furnishing retail brand with a strong, vibrant, ever-growing presence in the Middle East, Gulf region, and the Indian sub-continent. It is known for its unwavering commitment to the highest standard of customer service, unmatched quality, strikingly beautiful designs, and innovative retail services. 


What started off as a single showroom in Ras Al-Khaimah in 2008, grew into the region’s favourite destination for home interior solutions, having successfully captured and blended the quintessential spirit of craftmanship and design into its bewildering range of products, which include ceramic wall and floor tiles, parquet flooring, elegant curtains, home décor, chandeliers, garden and outdoor furniture, and much more. 


Danube Home now offers more than 50,000 products across 16 product-specific categories, along with a free interior design service, and it has 18 showrooms and more than 5 million square feet of logistics and warehousing space. 


It is ranked among the top retailers in the Gulf region, which has been growing at an average of 25-45% since 2011, and is a recipient of many prestigious awards, remaining a motivating workplace for the best talent in the region. 


The beauty of Danube Home’s one-stop retail solution for home improvement and furnishing needs stands exquisitely manifested in its demonstrated ability to take care of all the facets of home improvement requirements. Its concept of affordable luxury has been redefining boundaries in the home improvement and furnishing industry as it is intensely focused on achieving quality tailored to the taste of consumers, at a price that most can afford. 


Its showrooms are purpose built buildings with delightful architectural features, welcoming its vibrant clientele with a sophisticated fusion of modern sensibilities to create a happy space. Each product section in Danube Home showrooms has a story to tell which is expressed in a lucid, colourful lexicon and creates a unique and immersive shopping experience for customers. Danube Home showrooms are strategically present on major thoroughfares and in shopping centres across the Gulf region. The company has expanded its presence beyond the sandy dunes of the Gulf by establishing its first showroom right in the heart of India. In the UAE, Danube Home has showrooms in Al Barsha, Diera, Sheikh Zayed, Sharjah, Ras Al-Khaimah, Fujairah, Al Ain, and Abu Dhabi. It also has seven showrooms in Oman and one in Bahrain. 


Danube Home added another feather to its cap with the launch of its website and app, which are fast and easy to navigate and fully loaded with features that help provide a seamless online shopping experience to customers. The company also offers the ‘Ahlan’ loyalty programme which allows customers to gain points when shopping with Danube Home to be redeemed on future purchases. Customers can download the Ahlan app to be the first to know about exclusive discounts and promotions. 


Ultimately, Danube Home wants to be the leading name and most preferred choice of customers when it comes to home furnishing and improvement requirements in the Middle East and beyond. Keeping in line with the challenges of our time, the company is focusing on building a robust online presence with its full-fledged Danube Home app, website, and separate app for loyal customers. There are a number of unconventional approaches that Danube home has tapped into in order to target previously untouched segments of the market. This forward looking approach allows it to maintain a competitive edge over its competitors. 


For business enquiries, contact Umar Hussain at Danube Home via or email [email protected].

Modern home with sunset on the left and daytime on the right. There is a tin of Caparol to indicate the house is protected in all weathers at any time of day

Most Innovative Anti-Viral Surface Solution 2021: CapaCare Protect

Modern home with sunset on the left and daytime on the right. There is a tin of Caparol to indicate the house is protected in all weathers at any time of day

A company priding itself on being ‘intimately Middle Eastern and distinctly global’, Caparol LLC is creating environmentally friendly products that bolster its industry and improve the welfare of end-users.


Caparol is committed to operating in a way that betters itself, its sector, and its regions, and this has made it a standout voice that is continually gaining more traction. Caparol is a company developing, producing, and marketing high quality emulsions, enamels, decorative or structural coatings, and insulation technology. In this way, it has developed a reputation amongst its customers for reliable, advanced, and green products that not only stand head and shoulders above the competition, but have clients coming back again and again. This has resulted in significant natural growth for this company as word has spread about it over time, and since its founding it has become the premium brand of DAW in the middle eastern market. Nominally, the products that it offers have been making waves due to the rigour with which they have been created to be the top of the market, with sustainable ranges that allow both it and its clients to retain corporate environmental responsibility, and products that are unfailingly modern. 


Headquartered in Ober-Ramstadt, Germany, Caparol has become one of the world’s largest private paint manufacturers. Its presence is one that is now internationally renowned through various brands that have made it their leading choice for Architectural and Decorative paints; indeed, it is this that has allowed it to spearhead a move into the Middle Eastern market. Fundamentally, this company is lead by architectural creativity, and its logo carries with it a number of things for which it has become known. From reliability to technical expertise and outstanding product performance, its stone finishes have been lauded as exemplary by GCC markets, and it is excited to be able to offer these amongst other high-quality goods to the MEA market segment. 


Should clients wish to see the brilliance of its work in action, they can do so through its portfolio; this collection of its past work showcases its products used in GEMS International School, Akoya by Damac, Rove Hotels, La Ville Hotel, AL Khuwair, and many more. It looks forward to bringing these solutions to yet more clientele and helping make their projects the best they can be. Recently, its move towards the UAE has been picked up by many leaders of industry in the region, and in this way Caparol has been quick to reach and surpass several of its growth milestones. 


Caparol is grateful for this, and excited to ingrain itself further in a corporate crucible where good leadership has formulated bold decision making and ambitious action. It is also prioritising making its name amongst the other sustainably focused voices there, as the eco-friendly market is a significantly large segment in the UAE that dedicates itself to the continuous support of countries reaching for a truly green economy. A lofty goal, for sure, but one that is more in sight by the day. It is achieving this by proving its credentials in green living to its clients, reducing its carbon footprint, and offering eco-friendly solutions – Caparol has taken the time to ensure it can do all of this whilst still perfectly meeting and exceeding customer expectations with regards to quality. 


Over time, Caparol has seen Covid-19 only accelerate this market trend, with many of its competitors pivoting to emphasise health and safety in the sale of their products. The adaptation of services to be innovative and safe has allowed Caparol to play a significant role in the pivot, protecting the safety of residents with the launch of CapaCare Protect. This product in particular has proficiencies as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial safety solution. Furthermore, this product is just like all of its other ranges in that it is still sustainably focussed and fuelled by ingenuity, and Caparol has experienced a positive response from the market towards CapaCare Protect because of these factors. 


Caparol has thusly stepped up to the plate to serve its clientele during the pandemic, ensuring that its paints respond to the wider challenges of the world, and reflecting on how its paints can be complimentary to helping people handle such a fluctuating environment. Therefore, despite the challenges that were presented to it from a business standpoint, it pulled through the outbreak’s heaviest hitting impacts by responding quickly and with sophistication, bolstered by the effective work of the Government. The UAE’s initiatives directed towards supporting businesses have helped Caparol massively. 


It also funnelled significant effort into prioritizing and readjusting raw material and supply sourcing, with productions and inventories being hit across the board, Caparol ensured that its supply lines were being as carefully managed as possible. Consequentially, orders were being met, stock level kept under control, and deadlines hit. Cash flow management was also something that it ensured was carefully controlled during this time, ensuring business continuity and operational viability throughout the crisis. Nowadays, this rigour is continuing to be reflected in its dedication to furthering its environmental responsibility, working with a renewed vigour as it develops paint that decreases the amount of indoor air pollutants. 


By making its products as lacking in these substances as possible, it wishes to improve the relationship between air quality and indoor paint. With the Environmental Protection Agency ranking indoor air pollution amongst the top 5 environmental dangers, and market research showing the impact of this on people’s health, Caparol is committed to becoming one of the green partners of choice for encouraging the wellbeing of its customers with non-harmful paints. Fuelling this, at the core of Caparol is its heritage. It has been a family owned business since 1895, and thus its attitude has always been one of care and collaboration; over time, this has grown into extending this out towards the environment in order to create its current business model. It cares deeply about every element of its business and everything it has an impact on, keeping creativity and innovation close to its heart as it moves towards a bright future. 


Lastly, as well as the development of its products and reduction of its ecological impacts, it wishes to contribute to the positive development of the UAE and MEA region. In this way, it will be trying its best to encourage the Governments of the countries it operates in to follow through with their transition to green economies, leading by example to take its wider sector down a path that works in perfect tandem. It is confident that the market is indeed reaching that point. Businesses have been provided a real a real opportunity to improve safety, end-user experience, and overall aesthetic results, through innovation and continued work. Therefore, being a green company will be hugely beneficial to its growth moving forwards, and it will keep demonstrating this with the high standard of its VOC free paints and tailored attitude towards market demand. 


For business enquires, contact Stefan Chang at Caparol LLC via

Xperiment Media on a film set with various actors on a soundstage with greenscreen

Best UAE Film & Video Production Company 2021

Xperiment Media on a film set with various actors on a soundstage with greenscreen

Xperiment Media is an innovation lab and boutique film agency based in Dubai, UAE. It specialises in story-driven films and commercials for brands, with a special focus on teaching creativity and human-centred innovation to individuals.

People love a good story. In fact, science tells us we love storytelling so much that when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night telling itself stories. But great stories require sophisticated storytellers Xperiment Media understands this. Founded by Addy Khan, a Hollywood-trained filmmaker with over 10 years of US and Middle East experience, their mission is the convergence of creativity, business and technology. Xperiment Media’s team of ‘artist technicians’ are available as both local crew or remote teams. This has widened their capacity to serve customers anywhere in the world. While its core customer-base is the Gulf region, Xperiment Media regularly services international brands, agencies and professionals from the US, Europe and APAC. With Dubai Expo 2020 and the participation of 192 countries, they can help create more synergies. 


Trust Matters 

A no-nonsense approach has won clients’ trust. Financially disciplined, Xperiment Media knows how to transform ideas into tangible results. Since its inception in 2014, the company has successfully handled big-budget film and video productions for government, businesses and agencies. Concise communication, flexibility, and reliable execution are its strongest assets. Compared to other ‘bloated’ service providers, Xperiment Media’s small footprint makes them nimble—which means more value for its clients. The lean approach is now finding resonance with a new crop of customers: SMEs and start-ups looking to tell their stories during their scale-up phase. 



When the world changed in March 2020, Xperiment Media was fast to adapt to the pandemic. Its “COVID-proof” production protocols meant filming continued safely in Dubai, whilst post-production became 100% remote via its globally distributed teams in California, South Asia and the UAE. State-of-the-art pipelines for VFX and CGI ensured a seamless blend of photographed reality and the virtual. There was never ever a compromise on Quality, Service and Reliability. As a result, its clients were able to communicate with their own customers, without disruption. The increased online consumption led Xperiment Media-produced films, animation and commercials to clock over 30 million+ views on YouTube and Twitter (Q2 2020 to Q2 2021 period). 


Commercials like ‘Movies’ 

If everything looks great in movies, why can’t commercials look like movies? Xperiment Media applies the high-end ‘Hollywood look’ to TVCs, brand films and 2D/3D animated series. Every conversation starts with director Addy Khan, who has shot over 100 films and commercials. His work has been shown at Oscar-qualified international festivals; and he has been invited for residencies by the renowned Reykjavík Film Festival and Art Dubai. Addy personally shepherds each project to the finish line. Leveraging his unique background in film, marketing and entrepreneurship; he can conduct highly effective discussions with marketing departments, agencies or entrepreneurs. Everyone is able to get on the same page—from the first phone call or Zoom meeting. This saves the client’s time, and increases efficiency. 


Movies for Movie Lovers 

Besides commercials, Xperiment Media also produces narrative shorts and feature films. Its next release is RETROGRADE, a mind-boggling sci-fi drama filmed in Los Angeles. Produced in partnership with Inner Circle Entertainment headed by Pat Hartonian and Edwin Karapetian, RETROGRADE is currently in consideration at several international film festivals. It will be released to the public in late 2021.


Unlocking Creativity & Innovation: 2021 and Beyond 

Human creativity does not improve from working harder or longer. Given the recent spike in sensory overload and deterioration of mental health, the company recently surveyed people across four continents. One unsettling pain-point from an interviewee struck a chord: “It is hard to be creative. It is harder to even get started these days.” The extended pandemic has resulted in many having lost the ability and bandwidth to pause and prioritise what’s important. It can feel impossible to put time aside to plan and be creative. 

Xperiment Media director, Addy says: “We listen to our customers. I am excited to announce that Xperiment Media has set up an Innovation Lab. We are developing practical tools that will help individuals and teams discover, track and boost their personal creativity. Another focus area is training. We want young professionals to become better filmmakers and also creative entrepreneurs. It took me years to figure out how to run a sustainable business that is also aligned with a deep purpose. This was achieved not with ‘hacks’, but systems and mental models. Now I want to help others learn these secret tricks…much faster. And without the blood, sweat or tears!” 

For business enquiries, contact Addy Khan at Xperiment Media via websites by emailing [email protected]. Alternatively, visit for more information about director Addy Khan.

Q3 2021

Welcome to the Q3 edition of MEA Markets magazine. Each issue we are devoted to providing you with all of the latest news and features from across the world of business in the Middle East and Africa.

As the third quarter of 2021 comes to a close, there is no better time to reflect on all that we have achieved this year and consider what goals we are still pursuing for the final part of the year. It has been an undeniably challenging year for all, but for many, it has been one that has presented great opportunities for innovation and evolution, as proven by the companies and individuals featured in this issue of MEA Markets.

Mediabox, our cover company, for example, has seen a tremendous uptick in business over the last quarter thanks to the rise in demand for streaming services brought about by government restrictions and lockdowns. Similarly, Xperiment Media, another award-winning company featured in this quarter’s edition, has seen a surge in online media consumption and has adapted to seize the full advantages of this actuality.

Thus, we invite you to discover the success stories of these and other businesses from across the MEA who have seen tremendous growth and development in a year shaped by adversity. As ever, we wish you all the best for the months ahead and look forward to welcoming you back for the Q4 issue of MEA Markets magazine.