Following the economy’s exit from technical recession in Q2 of 2017 there have been many promising signs of improvement, and consumer confidence is growing. The economic and political tides ebb and flow, but the expertise and strength of businesses in South Africa continue to show that the country’s economy is resilient.

The 2018 MEAM South Africa Business Awards have been designed to shine a light on the firms and individuals who are achieving outstanding results within industries that are constantly evolving.

As with all of our awards programmes, they are awarded to those based upon merit, which means all nominees are equal, regardless the size or location of a firm. Once the voting closed, our own dedicated in-house research team underwent a rigorous research analysing the achievements made over the last 12-months by each nominee. This is to ensure that each one of our award winners can be rest assured that their win was one that was truly deserved.


Voting is now closed.