Ruud Lighting Arabia (LLC)

Best LED Lighting Company 2018

Name: Dubai based Ruud Lighting Arabia, is the Middle East Regional affiliate of Cree Inc., USA. For over a decade, the company has provided lighting solutions to consultants, contractors and clients in the MENA region. Founded 2003 by entrepreneur Vic Andrew’s forward-thinking approach to the lighting industry, Ruud Lighting Arabia specializes in LED lighting for all functional applications. The company has executed prestigious projects for the government and private sector in the Middle East. With more than forty thousand LED outdoor lighting units, and the oldest infrastructure installations in the ME region, Ruud Lighting Arabia has demonstrated Leadership and Proven Performance in LED based illumination in the challenging ME environment. Cree and Ruud Lighting Arabia focus on innovation with the introduction of the new Cree WaveMax™ Technology, a revolutionary way of delivering light achieved only through Cree® LED technology and with Power over Ethernet (PoE), Cree SmartCast® Technology now delivers endless possibilities, but is so brilliantly simple. Website Link: