Long History of Innovation

DP Supply BV is a 100% subsidiary of DMK Group – Germany's largest dairy company. DP Supply BV’s administrational office is located in Emmen. We profiled the firm following their recent success in MEA Market’s MEA Business Elite 2018, and spoke to Dhr. Sierk Weisser Krepetin, MBA who provided us with an insight in to the company.

DP Supply BV is a 100% subsidiary of DMK Group – German biggest Dairy Cop. DP Supply BV’s administrational office is located in Emmen. Their productions sides are in Germany/ Beesten and Greece/ Kilkis, and there are also new factories coming in the near future. The firm have not only invested in development but also in modern technology – technical expertise is a strong demand from the food world combined with good service and future thinking.

Over the last few years, DP Supply BV has changed rapidly, from a trader to a special ingredients producer with a strong link to application and service.

Beginning the interview, Sierk explains the firm’s philosophy behind client service and how the team maintains the high standards they set themselves across the company.

“The most valuable asset of DP Supply, are the people within our organisation. There are numerous people who have been working here for many years, who know the processes (internal and external) and are also in touch with a big clients/ supplier base.“Additionally, we support young talents to grow within the company. I believe in a good mixture of young professionals and experienced managers, different cultures and characters as well as different skills – as this will create a homogeneous group of people who are enthusiastic and motivated to go for the extra mile.

“Today, it is not only about size but about flexibility, creativity and timing. Our world is changing to a more and more fast changing consumer world. What is in today is old by tomorrow, the life cycle of products has been reduced strongly. Next to this, the digitalisation has certain impacts on our daily business – everything is more and more transparent products are more and more comparable. You just need to press a button and you can compare all available products of a similar kind.”

When discussing what qualities make the firm unique, Sierk informs us on how the team at DP Supply BV are able to distinguish themselves from their competitors, and presenting themselves as the best possible option for clients.

“At DP Supply, we believe in a strong link with our main clients. We have separated our clients into key accounts, core accounts, local followers and distribution service."

“In my opinion, all suppliers have a similar method, however I think the extra quality is in our selection of people, their accountability and their market focus. We want to give every product the personal touch! I think with the size of our organisation; all employees are not only proud to work here but they have a very personal relation to the company. It is not a huge company where your communication partner is changing on daily basis. Every individual has their own story to tell about a certain developed product.”

Bringing the interview to a close, Sierk reflects on the trends the company have seen over the past 12 months, and notes on how they have adapted around these changes.

“From our point of view, these were the main trends which we saw:

1. Palm free products are not only supermarket chains, but also catering and even the feed industry does request palm free solutions. “In the past, this was a European demand only mainly driven by France, Italy and the UK. Today it is not Pan European today the complete world is jumping on this running train.

“At DP Supply, we have developed solution within all categories, Creamers, Foamer, Batters, Topping Powders and Fatpowders."

2. No Dairy and Lactose free products are strongly growing on a monthly basis, and we have blocked a week of production to be able to serve clients with the best quality items.

3. Within beverages, there is more of a demand for Dairy Creamers – consumers do like the dairy taste and not the fat taste – a bit the opposite trend to dairy free but for sure in value and volume much higher.

“At DP Supply, we have developed tea creamer and vegetable fat/ fresh dairy items including flavours and colouring that gives a natural dairy taste.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, Sierk is keen to highlight some of the plans that lie ahead for DP Supply BV. Also, Sierk goes into detail about the wider UAE business market and what upcoming developments he foresees and how the firm will adapt around them. “With regards to the wider industry, the dairy demand is constantly increasing as people have more in their wallet, and who will mainly invest into healthy and modern food – you do see American, Asian and European influence on eating habits of today and tomorrow. Consumers want to be entertained by new products, new tastes and flavours. Everything is possible a cup cake with orange-butter and pepper flavour or dairy ice cream with new spices.

“Moving forward, we want to go international – we want to produce where the demand is. This will increase the demand for high educated managers and our daily work will be more complex. However, we will be closer to clients demands - just think about the cost saved on the logistic side!”

Contact: Dhr. Sierk Weisser Krepetin, MBA Managing Director and CEO

Company: DP Supply BV, Waanderweg 50, Emmen, NL-7812, the Netherlands

Telephone: 31 59167 9988