Laparoscopic surgery has completely revolutionized surgical outcomes. Quicker recovery times, shorter hospital stay, smaller scars and early return to work have made minimally invasive techniques, the surgery of choice. The advent of newer techniques aided by better cameras,have made minimally invasive surgeries easier and more precise.

These advanced techniques will come alive at MISIICON(Minimally Invasive Surgery Institute Internationale) – A LIVE SURGICAL WORKSHOP which will be telecast Live from Sunrise Hospital, Kochi, India on 21st & 22nd October at Rashid Medical Library Auditorium, Dubai. The event is organized by International Modern Hospital part of the Sunrise group of hospitals & Clinics, this International Laparoscopic Conference will be a grand event in Laparoscopic Surgery with participation of around 1000 delegates from all over India and nearby countries. Different types of Laparoscopic surgeries and the modern techniques in departments like Gynecology, General Surgery, Oncology, Bariatric, Urology, Gastro intestinal surgery will be demonstrated in this live workshop and Continuing Medical education programme. Gynecology procedures will be done under the leadership of Dr. Hafeez Rahman, Chairman, Sunrise group of Hospitals, who believes that medicine is always a process of learning through demonstration and surgical laparoscopy will be performed under the leadership of Dr. R Padmakumar, Director, Minimally Invasive Surgery Institute Internationale (MISII).

Doctor’s teams at Sunrise group are planning to demonstrate 25 cases of surgical laparoscopy and 40 cases of gynec laparoscopy during the Live workshop sessions. 3D and LED projection are arranged for excellent quality of image transmission in Kochi,India. Interaction by the operating surgeon and delegates in Kochi and Dubai by 3 way channeling is also organized at the venue.

Renowned faculties from all over India and various parts of the World will be taking part in the live surgical workshop and scientific sessions.

The main objectives of the conference are:

1) Impart state-of-the-art knowledge to the Surgeons and Gynecologists on Keyhole surgery
2) To familiarize them the modern technology to increase safety and perfection of operations.
3) To device newer and easier methods to deliver high quality treatment to the patients.
4) To offer best quality service and internationally available excellent surgical options to people of all walks of life.
5) To bring down the cost of minimally invasive treatment by wide spread use of the technology – which will eventually benefit the masses
6) To propagate the facts of extreme patient comfort, safety and utility of the keyhole procedures to all surgeons in every part of the world especially India and GCC countries.

Dr.Kishan Pakkal – CEO of International Modern Hospital stated that through these live surgeries doctors from the gulf and MENA region would be able to refer complex cases to Dubai , as an extension of medical tourism. The Live workshop will also help attending doctors learn the spectrum of techniques involved in key hole surgeries right from the operating room.